FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Must Read FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Most Asked Question About Studying in Bangladesh

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

International Students FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh

Undergraduate (UG) Medical Admissions in Bangladesh all queries in one place.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh

You must read FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh before enrolling MBBS Program in Bangladesh. As well as you must research Google, Wikipedia, NMC, NBE, MCI, NTA, CBSE, Facebook, Quora, Yahoo, and other reliable online Web sources.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about MBBS in Bangladesh

Most Asked Queries About MBBS in Bangladesh

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is NEET required to Study Medical in Bangladesh?

Ans: NEET qualifying score required for MCI Equivalent Certificate, From Session 2020-19 NEET is mandatory to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Without NEET Qualified you cannot get admission to an MBBS degree from Bangladesh.

Q: How is the quality of Medical Education in Bangladesh?
Ans: Study patter the same as India. MBBS In Bangladesh follows the same Indian Curriculum, Medium of Instruction English. Follow the same Indian Author Books. An extra advantage of doing Medical studies in Bangladesh is enormous clinical expose, treating real patients in the hospital, the scope of practical knowledge huge.

Q: What is the eligibility to Study MBBS in Bangladesh session 2022?

Ans: Class 12th Pass year should be 2022 or 2021 only. With 60% or more in Biology. Class 10th And 12th minimum GPA 7,  To study in Bangladesh you have to meet the NMC/MCI eligibility which is 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology average and pass in English in Class 12 and minimum 17 years of age on December 31 of the year of Admission. Besides, the University in Bangladesh may have a HIGHER cut-off than specified by NMC. So read the requirement of the University in addition to the NMC requirement.

Q: What is the MCI Screening Test? How many times can I give a Screening Test?
Ans: After you finish MBBS from Bangladesh, Indian doctors opt for FMGE. When finishing up 5 years MBBS Degree program from Bangladesh back to India you have to sit for a competency test popularly known as the MCI Screening Test. The official name or full-form of  FMGE is the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE).

Bangladesh MBBS Degree popular due to the high rate of passing FMGE (MCI Screening Test). The highest pass-out turns over in the first attempt generally students clear FMGE. If you pass FMGE you can easily rank in NEET-PG in India for applying for postgraduate medical programs.

The MCI does not conduct the test. National Board of Examination NBE conducting FMGE, which is much similar to NEET-PG.

If you fail the test then there is NO LIMIT on the number of attempts in the MCI test. If you have studied properly in your college then you will pass the MCI test easily.

Question: Will my Degree be recognized in India and overseas?

Ans: Yes. The degree is recognized by the MCI in India All state medical councils and by all other countries overseas. Each country has a process for recognizing a foreign medical degree. You have to follow that process. Usually, each country needs you to give a competency examination such as the USMLE for the USA. So you have to find out the process in each country and comply with it.

Question: Where can I do my internship?
Ans: You can do your internship or clerkship in India or continue in Bangladesh. After clearing your FMGE (MCI Screening Test) you can apply for a one-year internship in any Govt. or Private Medical hospital or Institutes in India. You’ll get a stipend during an internship in Bangladesh. We advise doing an internship in India after completion of Five years of MBBS from Bangladesh.

Question: How to pay College Fees? What is the Mode of Payment and in what currency?
Ans: Fees for the Medical College have to be payable in US$ thru Forex TT. Ask your local Forex enable bank. An arrangement will be made by the bank to transfer the college fee. Must have passport and college letters to pay college fees. All transactions thru parents/guardian banks to college account. For assistance Smile Education representatives is always glad to help you.

You can take money to Bangladesh in the form of US $ (Dollar). You can legally carry USD $3000 in cash and USD $20000 as traveler’s cheques. Take a receipt for the Cash you are carrying for the customs authorities. You can transfer some fees to the University by way of a Bank or SWIFT transfer. Read the relevant advice.

Q.What is the Total Expense including hostel and food?
Ans: For Hostel structure – refer to the Fee Structure page of each institute.

Q: What are the mode of travel, cost, and time of travel?
Ans: The Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) is the dream project of Bangladesh, it will remove the major physical barrier in the road connection between Dhaka and the Southwest part of Bangladesh. Now Students will be able to travel comfortably in a shorter time from Kolkata to Dhaka.

Travel By Air, Train, or Bus from India to Bangladesh. Most major cities of India are connected to Dhaka Bangladesh by air. The time taken for travel is usually within one day – dependent on the planning.

Bus and Train Journey is more convenient within a very short time due to new The Padma Multipurpose Bridge

Airtime: From Bangladesh City
40 min From Kolkata (Calcutta) to Dhaka Fare Starting from Rs 3,370 (Spice Airlines)
55 min From Kolkata (Calcutta) to Chittagong Fare Starting from Rs 5,800 (Regent Airlines)
2h 10m ( Non-Stop ) Delhi to Dhaka Starting Fare Rs 5,035
5:40 hr (With one Stop)
6:45 hr (With one Stop) Chennai to Dhaka Starting Fare Rs.5,994

Train: Kolkata to Bangladesh
Bandhan Express Every Thursday 7:10 AM Kolkata to Khulna (13129 Travel Time: 4h 49m 2 halts Distance: 172 km)
Maitree Express Every Week Tuesday, Friday 7:10 AM – Kolkata to Dhaka (13109 Travel Time: 8h 25m 2 halts Distance: 393 km )

Q: What is the MBBS course duration in Bangladesh?

A:  Duration is Five 5 years of Full-time MBBS Programs. and one year is an internship (Optional).

Q: What about food in Bangladesh?
A:  Most of the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh have canteens where reasonably priced food is available. All Hostels usually have a mess system managed by students themself.

Q: What is the dress code in Bangladesh for the MBBS course?
Ans: There is no such dress code. Should wear formal dresses (No Jeans in class) and you have to buy white aprons.

Q: Is MBBS in Bangladesh expensive?
Ans: No. Bangladesh is cheaper than any Private Medical college in India or Nepal. Even it’s cheaper than Ukraine, the Philippines, China, Russia due to no hidden expenses. Overall 5-year cost is cheaper than the mentioned countries, due to low travel costs, affordable accommodation, and food cost, living cost cheapest.

Q: How many times can I come home in a year?
Ans: There are two major vacations both in Eids (Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha). And after each professional Exams, you’ll get a long break. So you can come back twice a year. You can spend time with your family on 20-25 days of holidays during Eid al-Fitr and 10-15 days on Eid al-Adha.

Q: How is the Weather and Temperature in Bangladesh?
Ans: The Bangladesh weather is very similar to India. Not too cold not too hot. Moderate Tropical Climate likes the Indian subcontinent.

Q: Do I have to learn Bengali?
Ans: Not required, prior Bengali knowledge is not needed. Yes. Don’t worry about it. Medical Education will be taught in English Language and local citizens are experts in Hindi too.

Q: How do I get my visa?
Ans: Smile Education Consultancy (SEC) India will process all MBBS admission formalities including your Student VISA

Q: How did my Parents/Guardians get Bangladesh VISA?
Ans: To visit Bangladesh you need VISA, Smile Education Consultancy also arranges one parent’s VISA with no extra charges during admission time. Which is included within our processing. Parents/Guardians will get a tourist visa.

Q: How to apply and where to get Education Loan or Study Load for MBBS in Bangladesh?
Ans: You can apply for a Study Loan from any Bank. Under RBI guidelines Banks can give up to 15-20 lakh for higher education to study Medical Abroad. Banks look at parents’ collateral,  income, security, college admission letter, MCI Eligibility, affiliation certificates, and mark sheet before granting a loan. You have to pay the first-year installment rest amount you will get as an education loan.

Question: What is the currency of Bangladesh?

Ans:  Bangladeshi TAKA. Currency conversion Indian Rupees to US Dollar or Indian Rupees to Bangladeshi Taka. Real-time currency converter


Q: Can I work while I am studying in Bangladesh?
Ans: No. You cannot work. You are on a student visa. And for the medical study, you’ll not get extra time to work. So doing work on a student visa will be a bad idea.

Q: Can I get a job when I come back to India in the Private or Govt. Sector?
Ans: Yes. You’ll get a job in India in the private or Government hospitals or medical institutes or health care sectors. After returning to India, you need to clear the MCI screening licensing exam which is called FMGE.

Q: Can I do Post Graduate (PG) Medical like MD or MS in Bangladesh or India after my MBBS?
Ans: Yes you can do Post Graduate (PG) Medical in India after MBBS from Bangladesh. You need to appear in NEET-PG to secure MD or MS Seat in India. You are eligible after completion of 5 years of MBBS in Bangladesh, once you get State Medical council Registration after the MCI screening test (FMGE) in India.

Q: How is the Relation between India and Bangladesh?
Ans: Relation between two countries Self Explanatory from the following photo

India Bangladesh relation
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Bangladesh P.M Sheikh Hasina and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at the Visva-Bharati University convocation Dated 25 May 2018. Photo Courtesy – PTI

Q: How many Indians are studying in Bangladesh?
Ans: Every year more than 1250+ Indian students enrolled in the 1st year MBBS Degree program in Bangladesh. Exact data can be obtained from the Bangladesh embassies in India. There are over 7000+ Indians studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Each year about 1250 Indian students go to Bangladesh for MBBS and the number is increasing every year.

Q: Is Smile Education is an agent?
Ans: No, we are not agents like others. Smile Education officially direct represents top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Here Smile Education Consultancy has only facilitated Indian Medical aspirants to top Bangladesh MBBS Colleges and promoted medical education in Bangladesh since 2011. Smile Education doesn’t do other countries any type of admission.

Question: What is the admission process?
Ans: Admission process you have to contact Smile Education head office in Kolkata.

Question: What is the Abbreviation (Full form of) of the following terms:

FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions

MBBS = Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

FMGE = Foreign Medical Graduate Examination

MCI = Medical Council of India

NMC (India) = National Medical Commission

N.M.C (Nepal) = Nepal Medical Council

BMDC = Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council

DGHS Bangladesh = Directorate General of Health Services

WHO = World Health Organization

WFME = World Federation for Medical Education

FAIMER= Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.

IMED = International Medical Education Directory

GPA = Grade Point Average

For any quarry-related MBBS/BDS/MD admission in Bangladesh contact us: Smile Education

Some information we collect from Various News agencies, Twitter, Facebook, and HC Bangladesh websites even mention source website links also. Our Aim is only to provide authentic information to our student/parents community.

For more information Available visit :

Smile Education​ (Authorised)
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

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MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination Among Indian Medical Aspirants

MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination


What is the best country for an Indian students to study MBBS Abroad?

The unprecedented hike of demand for an MBBS degree from Bangladesh among Indian students in recent years.

Do you aspire to be a Doctor? Are you worried about what if you don’t get into the government medical colleges? Does the exorbitant tuition fees for an MBBS degree from a private medical college give you a chill? Are you clueless as to what other options you have and how to avail those opportunities? No, you are not alone! There are many on the same boat. Many were. And it is evident from the past trend that most of those in your shoes considered an MBBS from foreign soils- especially Bangladesh, Ukraine, China, Russia, among many others. Among these destinations, Bangladesh has topped the choice list not only of Indian students but also of students from Nepal, Bhutan, Gulf countries, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and even a few European countries.

MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination Among Indian Medical Aspirants

In our research to find out the reasons behind this craze for an MBBS from Bangladesh, we have found out that It’s not only the similar food choices, similar climate, the lowest distance from home that attracts the students. There are so many other benefits that can cover pages after pages. Let’s talk about the education part first. To get into an MBBS in Bangladesh, you need not appear for any tests other than NEET. English being the medium of instruction, no language tests are required, unlike for many other destinations. Besides, the West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam students would feel at home due to the common language. The majority of people there are familiar even with Hindi. Most of the top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh approved by National Medical Commission (NMC); earlier, it was the Medical Council of India (MCI).

FMGE/NExT Performance

The icing on the cake is a considerable similarity in the syllabus with the Indian counterpart and adherence to the format of syllabus prevalent worldwide. Even the authors of the preferred books at the colleges remain the same in Bangladesh and India. What can be a better testimony to the quality of medical education than the result of the FMGE and NEXT exams? These exams are the ones that the students having a foreign medical degree need to clear to practice in India or pursue higher degrees. The FMGE passing rate is even higher than Russia, China! Out of 801 students who appeared for the FMGE, 294 passed with flying colors at a whopping rate of 36.70% surpassing others by a large margin. The colleges offer excellent infrastructure, hostel facilities, lab facilities, patient flow, and clinical facilities. The fees are pretty affordable too when compared to the other options. No donation is required for admission. Even a fee waiver is offered to Indian students.

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: Top Medical Colleges

List of Medical Universities in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka University (University of Dhaka)
  2. Rajshahi Medical University
  3. Chittagong Medical University
  4. Sylhet Medical University
  5. Bangladesh University of Professionals

Top 5 Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  2. Sir Salimullah Medical College
  3. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College
  4. Mymensingh Medical College
  5. Chittagong Medical College

Top 15 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka National Medical College
  2. Community Based Medical College
  3. Bangladesh Medical College
  4. Holy Family Medical College
  5. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College
  6. Green Life Medical College
  7. Jahurul Islam Medical College
  8. Barind Medical College
  9. Southern Medical College
  10. Eastern Medical College
  11. Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College
  12. US Bangla Medical College
  13. Kumudini Women’s Medical College.
  14. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital.
  15. Medical College for Women and Hospital

MBBS Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

But safety and security remain a concern for many. In reality, Bangladesh beats India, Russia, China by a good margin in Global Peace Index, the ultimate indicator for stability in a particular region. Bangladesh stands at 91, whereas India ranks 135, Russia 154, China 100! Bangladesh shares its border only with India, except a small part of the border with Myanmar to its southeast. Both these countries have stable governance and share a friendly relation with Bangladesh alleviating any fear of external invasion. Empowered with a secular social fabric like India, it provides a safe and secure environment for everyone. Colleges are well equipped with CCTV cameras too. They offer separate hostels for boys and girls. MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination since, they ensure complete safety and security measures for international students. The campuses strictly adhere to a zero ragging policy. Most importantly, the similarity between the people of Bangladesh and India won’t give a feeling of alienation from the locals.

Moreover, the culture and people of both India and Bangladesh are similar, and you will never feel away from home. And if you ever miss your home, the flight is almost as cheap as between two Indian cities. There are even trains running between India and Bangladesh.

How to Select Right Medical College in Bangladesh

Choosing the right colleges according to the needs and interest is the most crucial part. There are so many things to be considered to select the ideal college. But it’s confusing at times when, how, and where to apply. Besides, the admission process is a little cumbersome. It may be a daunting task to keep an eye on everything by yourself.

There comes the role of agencies to guide you through the whole process. Although a few offers to help, Smile Education Consultancy is the frontrunner and solely devoted to MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The organization is the oldest in the game. Smile Education has an unbelievable record of ZERO rejection of applications! They have helped countless students streamline the whole process making it just a piece of cake. They are a team of experts in this field and always find themselves in high demand among students seeking help with the admission process in Bangladesh. Students can visit https://www.mbbsbangladesh.com/calculate/ for further details, a free GPA calculator, and other admissions-related information.

And now that it’s almost certain you will get into one of the top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for the prestigious MBBS degree, we wish you a great career ahead where you will have the satisfaction of serving humanity.