MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination


What is the best country for an Indian students to study MBBS Abroad?

The unprecedented hike of demand for an MBBS degree from Bangladesh among Indian students in recent years.

Do you aspire to be a Doctor? Are you worried about what if you don’t get into the government medical colleges? Does the exorbitant tuition fees for an MBBS degree from a private medical college give you a chill? Are you clueless as to what other options you have and how to avail those opportunities? No, you are not alone! There are many on the same boat. Many were. And it is evident from the past trend that most of those in your shoes considered an MBBS from foreign soils- especially Bangladesh, Ukraine, China, Russia, among many others. Among these destinations, Bangladesh has topped the choice list not only of Indian students but also of students from Nepal, Bhutan, Gulf countries, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and even a few European countries.

MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination Among Indian Medical Aspirants

In our research to find out the reasons behind this craze for an MBBS from Bangladesh, we have found out that It’s not only the similar food choices, similar climate, the lowest distance from home that attracts the students. There are so many other benefits that can cover pages after pages. Let’s talk about the education part first. To get into an MBBS in Bangladesh, you need not appear for any tests other than NEET. English being the medium of instruction, no language tests are required, unlike for many other destinations. Besides, the West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam students would feel at home due to the common language. The majority of people there are familiar even with Hindi. Most of the top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh approved by National Medical Commission (NMC); earlier, it was the Medical Council of India (MCI).

FMGE/NExT Performance

The icing on the cake is a considerable similarity in the syllabus with the Indian counterpart and adherence to the format of syllabus prevalent worldwide. Even the authors of the preferred books at the colleges remain the same in Bangladesh and India. What can be a better testimony to the quality of medical education than the result of the FMGE and NEXT exams? These exams are the ones that the students having a foreign medical degree need to clear to practice in India or pursue higher degrees. The FMGE passing rate is even higher than Russia, China! Out of 801 students who appeared for the FMGE, 294 passed with flying colors at a whopping rate of 36.70% surpassing others by a large margin. The colleges offer excellent infrastructure, hostel facilities, lab facilities, patient flow, and clinical facilities. The fees are pretty affordable too when compared to the other options. No donation is required for admission. Even a fee waiver is offered to Indian students.

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: Top Medical Colleges

List of Medical Universities in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka University (University of Dhaka)
  2. Rajshahi Medical University
  3. Chittagong Medical University
  4. Sylhet Medical University
  5. Bangladesh University of Professionals

Top 5 Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  2. Sir Salimullah Medical College
  3. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College
  4. Mymensingh Medical College
  5. Chittagong Medical College

Top 15 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka National Medical College
  2. Community Based Medical College
  3. Bangladesh Medical College
  4. Holy Family Medical College
  5. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College
  6. Green Life Medical College
  7. Jahurul Islam Medical College
  8. Barind Medical College
  9. Southern Medical College
  10. Eastern Medical College
  11. Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College
  12. US Bangla Medical College
  13. Kumudini Women’s Medical College.
  14. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital.
  15. Medical College for Women and Hospital

MBBS Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

But safety and security remain a concern for many. In reality, Bangladesh beats India, Russia, China by a good margin in Global Peace Index, the ultimate indicator for stability in a particular region. Bangladesh stands at 91, whereas India ranks 135, Russia 154, China 100! Bangladesh shares its border only with India, except a small part of the border with Myanmar to its southeast. Both these countries have stable governance and share a friendly relation with Bangladesh alleviating any fear of external invasion. Empowered with a secular social fabric like India, it provides a safe and secure environment for everyone. Colleges are well equipped with CCTV cameras too. They offer separate hostels for boys and girls. MBBS Bangladesh Excellent Destination since, they ensure complete safety and security measures for international students. The campuses strictly adhere to a zero ragging policy. Most importantly, the similarity between the people of Bangladesh and India won’t give a feeling of alienation from the locals.

Moreover, the culture and people of both India and Bangladesh are similar, and you will never feel away from home. And if you ever miss your home, the flight is almost as cheap as between two Indian cities. There are even trains running between India and Bangladesh.

How to Select Right Medical College in Bangladesh

Choosing the right colleges according to the needs and interest is the most crucial part. There are so many things to be considered to select the ideal college. But it’s confusing at times when, how, and where to apply. Besides, the admission process is a little cumbersome. It may be a daunting task to keep an eye on everything by yourself.

There comes the role of agencies to guide you through the whole process. Although a few offers to help, Smile Education Consultancy is the frontrunner and solely devoted to MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The organization is the oldest in the game. Smile Education has an unbelievable record of ZERO rejection of applications! They have helped countless students streamline the whole process making it just a piece of cake. They are a team of experts in this field and always find themselves in high demand among students seeking help with the admission process in Bangladesh. Students can visit https://www.mbbsbangladesh.com/calculate/ for further details, a free GPA calculator, and other admissions-related information.

And now that it’s almost certain you will get into one of the top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for the prestigious MBBS degree, we wish you a great career ahead where you will have the satisfaction of serving humanity.

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